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  • National Security is your concern and our focus...

    Black Tree Group is a Value-Added Reseller and Systems Integrator at its core. When you talk to us about a surveillance or tactical operation requirement, you can rest assured that we will work with you to find a solution. Our technical staff draws upon their many years of experience as an operator or working in the technical surveillance industry to come up with solutions for your unique needs.

  • Our network of manufacturing partners are experienced at delivering a solid, high quality product that stands up to the most brutal environments. Utilizing our network of manufacturers allows us to create kits that integrate multiple disparate devices into a one of a kind solution.

  • Our commitment to our customers means we are not going to disappear after a sale. We will be there to help guide you in the use of your new equipment, including initial training to get you using the gear faster and more confidently. We provide first and second level technical support during the life of the equipment. This means that as long as you own the equipment you purchased from us, we will be there to assist with any issues you may have. Software and firmware upgrades and when necessary repairs will be handled quickly so you can get back to using your equipment.

  • In addition to initial training (aka buttonology), Black Tree can also provide customized training solutions for almost any technical surveillance need. Whether it is our well established Commercial off the Shelf (CoTs) Courses or a specific course our customers may require, our operationally experienced trainers can give you the training you need to get your job done as efficiently as possible.

  • Black Tree Group..."Our Roots Run Deep"



If you are interested in becoming a Black Tree Group employee, send your resume to recruiting@blacktreeinc.net or go to the "CONTACT US" tile on the bottom right and you will be directed to a Contact Form.




    Black Tree Group provides a full suite of training for all of its products delivered directly by Black Tree Group or through one of our partners.  Additionally, our Black Tree Training arm offers a variety of approximately 20 high quality training courses focused on developing organizational and individual technical capabilities while operating in non-permissive environments.

    Black Tree Group has decades of technical operations experience with an emphasis on successfully developing and deploying niche capabilities within non-permissive areas of responsibility. This success is due to Black Tree Groups ability to provide fabrication and concealments for any of our product based capabilities.

    Black Tree Group provides its own level of engineering research and development support to its customers but also facilitates development efforts for all of its partners. Black Tree Group provides the project management necessary to translate operational requirements for its partners that are not qualified to conduct business directly with the US Government or efforts that require discrete execution.

    Ask us about our partnership with Darley Defense and participation in the TLSP to support your training procurement needs! Black Tree Group provides 24/7 procurement support for all of its customers and partners. Black Tree Group possesses the ability to procure individual products from any of its partners to provide a comprehensive set of capabilities via a single contracting mechanism.




Black Tree Group offers a host of discrete and specialized services for our customers and partners. Please contact us directly to discuss what we can do for you.


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On a daily basis Black Tree Group provides state of the art technical capabilities and training to the deployed warfighter. We are always trying to leverage new capabilities and employment methods to provide the best capability possible to our customers. If you or your company are interested in pursuing a relationship with us and interested in acquiring customers that take pride in protecting our National Security, then please contact us directly. Our team looks forward to resolving operational challenges with yours on a daily basis utilizing state of the art technical means.

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Postal Address

Black Tree Group's DOD Support Office is located in Tampa, FL with Federal Support in Washington D.C. and West Coast Support in San Diego CA.

East Coast Support Office Washington D.C.
Telephone:(571)527-7911; West Coast Support Office Telephone:(951) 623-4325

2170 Sunnydale Blvd Ste S, Clearwater Florida, 33765
Telephone:(727) 315-4006

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